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Templeton Library is dedicated to Margaret Anderson Radunich, an early donor. Over the years she supported TCLA with gifts to our Building Fund.

In 2018, after she passed away, we received her final bequest that enabled us to build library, her legacy gifts total over $1M.  

Carla Willhoit was a founding member of TCLA. Shown above, she is presenting one of her annual donations to Treasurer Gwen Pelfrey and 2011 TCLA President Wayne Petersen.




Templeton resident George R. Hearst, Jr., supported TCLA's goal to build a town library with an early donation of $100,000.  He was a man who personified Ag education and business acumen as an astute cattle rancher. His career success and quiet manner were steeped in cowboy traditions. In 2020 when Templeton Library was completed, a reading area with a large leather chair and cowhide rug was designated to honor this savvy horseman.  We later received from his son his NY Hearst Corp Board Room chair that he used for over 30 years. 

Elizabeth Nelson receiving her Templeton Library card in January 2022 at age 107.  She left us over $400K in her will. 

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