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Major Donors

In sincere appreciation of our distinguished donors whose generosity helped make Templeton Library a reality.


Margaret Anderson Radunich - $1.7M

$100,000 +

George R. Hearst Jr.

Elizabeth  Nelson

$25,000 +

Edith Iwata Family

 MOCA Foundation

$10,000 -

Carl D. Ceaser Family

William Frost

R. O'Neal and Lynn Hunt Gray

Steve Hearst

Merle F. and Diana Miller

John Morton

Carla Wilhoit

Wonderful Giving

Community Partner
$5,000 -

Alexander Castellanos, M.D.

Phyllis and Chuck Chiado

JoAnne and Melvin Crowe

Julie C. Fallon, M.D.

Kenneth and Jackie Lerno and Family

Nick and Shayna Lerno

In Memory of Marie Bodette Lisa

Elizabeth and Raymond Nelson

Pacific Western Bank

PL Construction, Mike and Ryan Peach

RaboBank/Mechanics Bank

Terry L. Shaw

Dr. Stephen and Shirley Sigmund

Linda Starkman

Templeton Lions Club

Kathleen M. and Paul Winkler

Nancy and Jim Whitt

Dr. Carrie McDonnell Wood and Family

$2,000 -

Carol and Bruce Conway

Ida and Robert "Bob" Dutra

Exxon Mobile

Christy and David Gabler

Josh and Leah Gibson

Barbie Graper

Ashely and Gaby Heim

Carolyn Kruse

Martinez Farming

Tatiana Overturf

Paso Lions Club

Martha and John Spalding

Katie Sullivan

Templeton Chamber of Commerce

Templeton Post 220 American Legion

Christine and Craig Thomas

Meredith and Jan Voboril

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