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Items to Sponsor

Wish List Items $1000 - 5000   

Large Tree for landscape  $1500

Landscape plants             $1000

Planter boxes                   $1000

Outdoor tables, benches    $500 Gift Registry

 We are listed as a Custom Registry on Amazon for smaller items.  Look for Templeton Library Wish List

Wish List Items

Irrigation system                                     $5000 

Front Landscaping                               $15,000

Wish List Items

Book Return Box                    $1500

Bricks & pavers            $100-200 each

Full Asphalt parking                 donated

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How to Sponsor a Building Item

Email the item you wish to sponsor - to

Or use the Donate button below to give donate the amount and confirm your choice and donation by email. 

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New! Gift Registry for smaller items needed for the library.  Go to and search Templeton Library Wish List.  It's easy and the items are smaller. 

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